Washi Tape

Washi tapes are very trendy today especially when it comes to craft and decoration. A simple search on Pinterest will reveal a lot of artistic and craft projects and designs that use washi tapes. But what are they? Washi tapes are made from Japanese rice papers or washi. They are almost transparent and leave a very nice feel when one touches them, the feel is like that of masking tape, one can feel like they are very delicate.

Washi tapes come in different designs, patterns and colors, offering many options to those who would want to use them for different designs. These tapes also come in varying widths, allowing anyone using them the possibility to choose one that can help them create more intricate designs.

The tape is made from fibers such as hemp or bamboo. The common ones are made from the bark of trees that you’ll often find in Japan: mitsumata shrub, mulberry, and gampi tree. You can find washi tapes that are as strong as duct tape, which makes them a multi-purpose product that can be used for mere decorative designs and for daily use. Their uses are many, and in most cases will depend on the user’s needs and creativity. You can buy them just to add color to your home themes, or you can use them to wrap packages. You can also use them to hold things together.

Some of the popular designs are the wide Artist Edition, GRAFFITI A Light – Japanese Washi Tape, the Oldbook Japanese Masking Tape 15mm, Patch Collage Dark Japanese Washi Tape Set of 2 (A+B), the Collage Style Washi Tape 15mm, the Vertical Lace Pattern Washi Tape, the Mini Starter Kit MEDIUM Japanese Washi Tape Set of 8 (C), the MT Casa Washi Tape 50mm, MT Ex Colorful POP Washi Tape, the Thin Line Wide Stripe Diagonal Washi Tape, the Bright Patch Washi Tape, the Mountain Washi Tape MT Ex Japanses wide, the French Message Washi Tape MT ex Japanese, and many others.

Washi tapes are very easy to use as well, from the simplest projects to those with intricate designs. You can cut the tape to use as a book marker. You can use it to highlight your calender or sections on a document that you want to remember. Some of these tapes are transparent and can easily blend with different themes. They come in varying colors, from the mild colors to the bright ones. You can choose the different designs including the Washidaze Collection, single color, stripes, polka dots, flowers and plants, and artist editions.

These tapes can be used to hold things together, and they can also be used to add color to any setting. The uses of washi tapes are inexhaustible and people still continue to create new ways of using these awesome tapes from Japan. One interesting thing about these tapes is that they can be re-used. Since they are removable, one can use them again after using them on a project. These tapes are designed to enhance creativity, add color and value to the day-to-day experience.