PVC Warning Tape

The PVC warning tape (also known as “Caution Tape”) is suitable both for indoor and for outdoor use. The tape can be easily customized with any message, and the customer can choose to have the logo or the name of his company printed on the tape. The PVC warning tape is widely used for cabinets and cable pathways, and the thicker tape is even suitable for underground, buried application – this is the detectable PVC warning tape that is aimed at non-metallic fiber optic cable.

Made from strong and durable PVC film (soft polyvinyl chloride), the warning tape usually comes with a coating of rubber adhesive that adds to its life span. These rubber coated PVC tapes are suitable for a wealth of different industrial purposes, and they have several notable properties: they are flame retardant and resistant to high voltage and high temperatures, they are easy to tear and to remove, resistant to acid and they provide high-quality insulation as well. Given the fact that it can withstand high temperatures and high voltage, the PVC warning tape is mainly used to protect wires and electrical parts.

This tape has a rubber-based adhesive and a thickness that ranges between 120 and 190 microns. The rubber adhesive ensures strong and long-lasting adhesion, and the tape comes in bright eye-catching colors – this is why it is used either for masking purposes or as hazard warning. The fact that it is resistant to harsh weather, moisture, chemicals and even abrasion makes the PVC caution tape an excellent choice in the long run.

The elongation ratio for the PVC warning tape is up to 160%, meaning that it can be easily stretched, the width ranges between 100mm and 130mm and the length of the roll varies between 25 and 50 meters. The warning tape is printed on one side and comes in different colors, from green and blue to yellow, red or black – however, most companies nowadays offer personalization services, thus allowing the customer to mention any other colors or specifications.

The PVC warning tape is used for a variety of color coding applications and identification tasks, it is used in warehouses, for bundling, in the transport industry, it is used for marking and safety coding in order to comply with the OSHA requirements, and it is also used for sealing and decorating. Basically, the warning tape is used for general electrical purposes and it is also used in the construction industry, for hazard warning and for wire harnessing applications.

The caution tape is used wherever there is a need for a safety barricade – it can come in handy for roads and traffic as well. The tape is made from PVC coupled with a water-based acrylic adhesive which allows you to apply the tape to almost any surface (plastic, glass, wood, paper).

The tape is so versatile that is can be used after accidents, for road signs, for section segregating and sign marking, labeling and packaging, security alarms and so on. It is tough and it delivers a very high performance, not to mention that it can be used for marketing purposes as well, since you can add your design or logo printed on it.