Stationery Tape

Also known as “Cellophane Tape” or “Sticky Tape”, stationery tape is used for general purposes and it can be found in most offices nowadays. This multi-purpose tape is small and compact, easy to use and it comes in handy for fixing torn paper or for a variety of crafts and similar paper-related projects. The stationery tapes are very economical and they are made from polypropylene along with acrylic adhesive.

The stationery tape cannot be reloaded, and it usually comes with a disposable dispenser or a permanent one that can be reloaded. The conventional desk dispenser can accommodate tape rolls of up to one inch in width, a diameter of 5 inches and a core of 3 inches.

The tape comes under the form of rolls that range in width from 12 mm to up to 25 mm. At the same time, stationery tape can be purchased as pre-cut strips as well – this form is safer for children, given the fact that they do not involve a cutting blade, like the standard tape dispensers do. Besides, it is more cost-effective and more environmentally-friendly as well.

Generally speaking, this tape comes in three different finishes: matte finish, transparent or translucent finish. The benefit of tape with matte finish is that it can be safely used for fixing torn paper without appearing on photocopies, and it can also be written on using a marker or a pen. The transparent finish, on the other hand, has a glossy appearance on which you cannot write, while the translucent one is very likely to turn yellow as the years pass.

The high-quality acetate tape is free of acid, thus it can adhere better to certain surfaces, it has a longer life span and it does not change its color in time. The rolls usually have standard sizes and they can match the classic desktop tape dispensers, and they are suitable for paper mending, package sealing or wrapping. Some of them even come with a matte-finish removable tape that provides a temporary bond, which makes them perfect for ongoing projects and scrapbooks where you have to remove the tape at a certain point – this way, you can do that without having to worry about damaging the paper.

This type of tape relies on a special adhesive (AAA, acronym for “Aqueous Acrylic Adhesive”) that can influence the color of the tape: it can make it white, yellow, brown or colorful. The tape comes with different backing material coatings as well, and the BOPP-Tenter is the most commonly used one because it is efficient and cost-effective. The average thickness of this tape ranges between 35 and 65 mic, and the width ranges anywhere from 12mm to 300mm, depending on the areas of application and the type of finish.

Besides the fact that the matte finish can be easily photocopied and written one, it can also be faxed without a trace, it is very resistant to aging, cracks and sudden temperature changes, as well as to direct sunlight and mild levels of moisture. Small and compact yet with a strong adhesive force, the stationery tape is highly antioxidant and has high waterproof/heatproof performance. The tape is 100% safe to use, easy to slit and non-toxic, although it is recommended to keep it out of the reach of children.

The stationery tape that is made from polypropylene film is strip-able, and depending on the type of adhesive it can generate sound or be silent when people open the roll. Easy to recycle, this tape can come with high-quality Kraft paper coating that is 100% biodegradable. The larger version of the tape is suitable for carton-sealing and for unitized shipping.

The stationery tape is omnipresent in offices all around the world, and it is perfect for creating scrapbooks and school projects, for reinforcing documents, light mending or packaging, sealing, gift wrapping, photo projects and even archival applications. At the same time, the stationery tape is suitable for art class projects and even for sealing small containers.

On the other hand, the invisible stationery tape rolls, for instance, are perfect for repairing archive material and for mending – they are versatile enough to allow you to type on them, when you apply them onto typing paper. You can join and repair documents quickly and effortlessly, and the built-in razor-sharp blade allows you to cut clean, neat strips of tape of various lengths.