Rainbow Tape

Like the name suggests, the adhesive rainbow tape is similar to the classic tape, the sole difference is that it comes in a myriad of different patterns and bright, eye-catching colors. The rainbow tape is durable and free of acid, it comes in different widths and it is perfect for uneven surfaces – moreover, it can deliver reliable and high-performance adhesion and strength, and it can be easily torn by hand without having to worry about curling. Safe to use, non-toxic and easy to handle, the rainbow tape is especially popular amongst pupils who want to create imaginative projects, artwork and create homemade decorations. However, this intriguing type of tape combines aesthetics with increased functionality.

These tapes come in different colors, from red, blue and green to yellow, pink, brown, gray orange, purple and such. Most of them also come with patterns, such as parallel lines, dots or paint spots. Also, you can opt for the more exquisite colors, like lime, steel blue or gold along with a wide range of fluorescent colors (bright green or yellow, usually) and even camouflage patterns.

The width of the band usually varies between 1/4″ and 1/16″, the average length of the tape is of 25 feet, and it works great with crepe paper. The rainbow tape is resistant to cold as well as to flames, it can have a coating of plasticized PVC, and the adhesive is made of high-quality, durable rubber resin.

Another important aspect is that this tape can be easily removed or repositioned, without damaging the underlying surface. No matter if you opt for classic rainbow tape or patterned paper tape, you can safely use it on glass and paper. The tape is designed to last and it is not too sticky, it is suitable for books, decorating packages, differentiating mixtapes and so on. The tape is very versatile, as it is water-resistant, it does not fray and it is even used for creating clothes or Halloween costumes.

The rainbow tape used in the fashion industry is slightly more sophisticated: you can find iridescent colored tape, glittery or neon tape, tape that glows in the dark and such. Some of them have purely decorational purposes while others are used exclusively for safety reasons. Mylar or photoluminescent tapes are also available in different OSHA colors, and these two types of rainbow tape are widely used in the beauty industry. Lace rainbow tape is also available – it is not as easy to find as the above-mentioned varieties and patterns, yet it can be a great addition to any project.

This type of tape is widely used for collages, embellishments, decorations, artwork, crafting, repairs or color coding. It is used by electricians to separate cables and ensure quick identification, and it is also used in the fashion and beauty industries. This tape is a creative tool that allows children to make abstract art projects and outstanding scrapbooks. Moreover, the rainbow tape is also suitable for concealing temporary repairs and even various repairs around the home. It comes in handy at home, at school and even at the office.