Marking Tape

Marking tape is widely used for color coding and for floor applications – thin yet consistent at the same time (this tape has an average thickness of 0.030 inches), the marking tape is especially designed to withstand high traffic. This tape is very durable and it can be easily applied to retroplate floors as well as to conventional concrete/asphalt.

Easy to apply and remove, the marking tape is comfortable and highly resistant to aging, acids, corrosive chemicals, moisture or weather conditions. It provides an effective barrier against moisture and vapor and it is very resistant to abrasions and rupture. Moreover, some tapes even come with a “write-on” feature, which is particularly useful for marking tapes used on pavement for redirecting the traffic. At the same time, the tape has a very long shelf life and it can be used either for temporary applications (like roads that are under construction, where the traffic needs to be temporarily shifted) or for permanent applications.

The factory-applied adhesive makes the marking tape very useful, as applying it requires three easy steps: preparing the area (be it wooden floors, concrete, glass or vinyl flooring), peeling the tape and then applying it. The tape is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use, and you do not need any primers or special equipment to apply it. Moreover, no permanent marks or adhesive residue are left after removing it, given its innovative adhesive formula.

Basically, there are two types of marking tapes: the construction grade tape, which is designed exclusively for short-term projects and can be easily removed once the project is completed and the engineer grade tape, which is designed for long-term/permanent projects. The latter is considerably thicker and it comes with an improved binding system that makes it more durable.

Reflective marking tape is available as well (in yellow or white), and some tapes even have markings and symbols on them – these products are mainly used on roads, in order to restore the traffic flow. The tape is pressure sensitive and it can be easily removed with heat.

Made from PVC, the rolls usually measure 100 feet in length, they come with pressure sensitive recessed adhesive, they are designed for maximum durability against intense traffic and they come in widths ranging from 2 to 5 inches, on average. The tapes come either with a smooth, matte finish or with a glossy finish – the glossy finish is a lot easier to clean and maintain in the long haul.

In addition to being widely used for color coding, the marking tape is also a popular choice for sporting equipments, decorating, marking boats or vehicles, joint sealing, duct work and such. Besides, the marking tape is also commonly used in factories, as it is easy to apply and thin enough to prevent employees from tripping.

To put it simple, this type of tape is suitable for areas of application where choosing a marking crew is impractical. The tapes can provide either dry or wet reflective guidance in various constructions zones, this is why they are used in intersections, highways, streets, parking lots, commercial garages or loading docks.