Low Noise Adhesive Tape

The low noise tape is ideal for high volume packing environments and workplaces where minimum noise is required. These tapes are known to provide excellent adhesion and reliable performances especially when it comes to sealing cartons and parcels mainly for shipping to long distances.

They are available in various colors (including brown and clear) and in various size rolls, backed with water based adhesive that works efficiently at low and high temperatures. Most low noise tapes are cost effective and the best alternative to the vinyl tapes. They are environmentally friendly option as well, making them an all- round best choice.

Noise in a busy environment of work can be a real problem. Noise can adversely affect the momentum of the workers as well as their concentration in a busy warehouse or a packing room. It is therefore of importance to ensure an amicable working environment. Low adhesive noise tapes not only provide strong adhesiveness that seal boxes and cartons tightly, but also ensure a humble working place, without any noise from the dispensers.

They are mainly polythene in nature, and will provide the best solutions to packing requirements. They are easy to use tapes with the aid of cutters or scissors. For the fastest and neatest cuts however, a handled-packing tape dispenser or desktop can be used. They are durable and hard wearing tapes that provide high resistance to dirt and moisture.

The other features of low noise adhesive tapes include; they are non-stretchable, require no lamination, they are smooth and have a clean surface. Low noise tapes also have strong adhesion properties, they are durable and light (hence portable ), have high tensile strength, have a strong anti-pull property, are non-toxic, environmental friendly, come in high quality and they are also printable. The wide range of selection of low noise tapes in terms of color and length size will meet your needs.

With the use of a hand held lightweight dispenser, these sealing tapes are very easy to use. They have a wide variety of applications including carton sealing with automatic machines, gift wrapping, strapping, bundling and can also be used as decoration protectors. They are widely used in shipping of products, they are the most ideal tapes for carton sealing, pallets and merchandises. Low noise tapes also perform excellently for both machine and hand applications.

Besides the low noise advantages, you get lots of years (over ten years) of great experience with the adhesive low noise tape. The sizes are suitable for all customer needs, the printing logo property of this tape also provides customers to put their marks on cartons. They also undergo strict high quality control procedures during and after production. Low noise tapes are a great choice for mail rooms and perfect for high volume packing.

The other properties of a low noise tape include; has silent unwinding, no delamination of the foil, light unwinding force and stable quality. Always ensure that the tape is kept at low temperatures to ensure that the low noise property is not tempered with. A storage temperature of between 15 and 30 degrees is good enough.