Double Sided Adhesive Tape

Double sided adhesive tape refers to any kind of pressure sensitive adhesive tape coated with adhesive on both sides. The tape is specifically designed to stick two surfaces together in a way that isn’t visible on the end product. This is because of the tapes application i.e. it is usually used between objects as opposed to overlaying them. The main purpose behind using double-sided adhesive tape is offering neater looking projects i.e. paintings. It would be impossible to produce neat paintings without using double-sided adhesive tape. The tape therefore promotes better craftsmanship.

There two main categories of double sided adhesive tapes namely; thin or dimensional. Thin tape is used for simple/light applications. Dimensional double sided tape is usually thicker than thin double sided adhesive tape. The tape is used for serious/heavy duty applications i.e. signage and retail uses to allow displays and signs to stand out producing a 3 dimensional effect.

Double sided adhesive tape is made by applying thin adhesive layers to either sides of carrier material. This is the same theory used in the production of double sided toilet paper which is double sided and easy to rip. The paper is created by applying adhesive on either sides of toilet paper which is wound using siliconed paper to prevent instances such as; the paper sticking to itself. Another important thing to note about double sided adhesive tape production is the form in which the tape is manufactured. Most double sided adhesive tapes are produced in log forms which vary in size from 1 to 3 meters in width. The tape is then slit into other sizes.

Common types of double sided adhesive tape
There are very many types of double sided adhesive tapes. The tapes are divided according to many factors i.e. use, size, material etc. One of the most common types of double sided adhesive tapes is clothing tape. The tape is usually used alongside loose skirts and strapless dresses to ensure they are secured to the skin. The tapes are also used for temporary fixes i.e. fallen hems among other types of clothing imperfections.

Some of the most popular types of double sided adhesive tapes include; ATG Transfer Tape, double sided cloth tape, double Sided Foam tape, Exhibition Cloth tape, Stationery Grade tape, Plasticizer / Resist (Eco) tape, Tissue Tape (Eco) tape and Ultra High Bond Tape.

Double sided adhesive tapes have a very wide application in commercial and domestic environments. Your focus should therefore be selecting tape according to particular applications. This requires understanding the bond requirements you want to achieve. Below are common double sided adhesive tapes that cover almost all kind of applications you can think of. It is however important to seek the assistance of a professional for highly specialized applications.

1. Ultra high bond clear double sided adhesive tape
This is one of the most common types of double sided adhesive tapes. The tape is popular because it is versatile i.e. the tape can be used in very many applications. As the name suggests, the tape is also clear which makes it suitable for neat, invisible applications. The tape has excellent ageing and UV light resistance. The temperature tolerance is also impressive (-40 to + 120 degrees Celsius). For the best application, the tape should be installed on clean dry surfaces. The tape costs approximately $35.

2. Double sided dispenser tape
This is another common type of double sided tape. At a cost of $10, you get a clear high performance tape (ATG dispenser tape). The tape is perfect as a high tack adhesive because it offers permanent adhesion. The tape is commonly used for mounting, splicing and general purpose bonding applications.

3. White double sided adhesive foam tape
This tape is the best tape for you if you are looking for an environmental friendly double sided adhesive tape. The tape costs approximately $18. The tape is the most ideal for mounting applications i.e. mounting light weight signs, decals and nameplates.

4. Double sided adhesive tissue tape
This tape is the cheapest in the double sided adhesive tape variety. The tape costs approximately $6. Like the White double sided adhesive foam tape, the Double sided adhesive tissue tape is environmental friendly. The tape is also quick to stick with a good temperature range i.e. the tape can handle temperatures as high as 120 Degrees Celsius. The tape is ideal for display and general exhibition applications.